How To Use True Rack

Use these directions to properly use your True Rack

Step 1: Open the rack to greater than 60 degrees (This is critical)
Step 2: Load the balls for the game you are playing
Step 3: Place pinky/ring fingers on top outside edge of the rack, hold gently
Step 4: Place thumbs on back ball(s)
Step 5: Squeeze balls to the front using your thumbs

Notice all gaps are left to right there are no vertical gaps from the back of the rack to the one ball
Step 6: Pull the True Rack sides together using your pinky while maintaining gentle forward pressure with thumbs

This will take out the left to right gaps
Step 7: Relax all pressure, fingers and thumbs should go up as you remove them
Step 8: Slide rack forward slightly / check rack
Step 9: If rack balls are not suitable then slightly open the rack and pull it back to repeat

True Rack Racking Tips

Locate the one ball first on the table, then pull the rack back to the one ball

If balls are mismatched, place the smaller balls to the back