George Breedlove – Traveling players should have the True Rack in their bag. The best pool tool since the layered tip.

Jesse Rogers – I love the True Rack. It is my goto rack when I am gambling or playing in a tournament. I have many options to choose from and I continually come back to the True Rack. Thanks for creating a product that what it is advertised.

Jeremy Bauers – I really like having my own customized rack that I can always have available when I am playing serious pool either tournaments or matching up. When playing rack your own I feel I have an advantage using the True Rack.

Brian Gregg – I use the True Rack, I have used it to win multiple tournaments, I have an advantage when playing rack your own, especially on older equipment when the balls are out of round I can open the rack and lightly press it together to make the balls come together to form the rack. I love this rack when playing 8 ball.

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